If the way of looking at art is always subjective then, necessarily, so is "style", understood as described by the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy): "Own character captured in the works of a plastic artist or a musician". From my subjective point of view, Cris already had a defined style even before turning into an artist, as, even though you are "born" into it, a disciplined artist as she knows she has to "become" it, in the same way a good stew is prepared, in a constant low heat.

We started our paths together in the The Royal School of Dramatic Art at Madrid, and together we have wondered through life, always as brothers. I remember, even back then, she already had that different type of air that was part of her, as her spectacular blonde hair is. Without stridencies but resounding. Subtle but evident. Smooth, yet powerful. In the same way as two colors you never thought of combining but, once you discover together, unveil a natural own light. All of this is captured in her work.

I always think of her designing her jewels as an actress preparing one of her characters: arguing each shape, fitting each piece, polishing the edges so that the imposture of the artist looks natural and so charged with mystery you don't want to stop looking at it. That is why I am not surprised that the piece I gave to Nuria Espert when we premiered "The rape of Lucrece" and that is named after the Shakespearian heroin is not "another jewel" for her, but has turned into token. Torrecilla works magic.

Miguel del Arco

About last works


We start a new stage, in which we investigate on new sustainable materials for our collections. The first of these collections, that is already in progress, will be based on a material produced with spent coffee grounds and ecologic gold.

If you want to receive further information, you can contact me at: torrecilla.cris@gmail.com